Film star REBECKA (Elizabeth Hurley), accompanied by her mother MONA (Carmen Du Sautoy),
arrives in Romania to film a movie about turn of the century Indiana serial killer BELLE GUNNESS.
Her co-star JAKE (Jeremy Sisto), is also her ex-lover. An unusual mystery unfolds as the
dramatic events in real life start to mirror the story of the film.
Elizabeth Hurley
Jeremy Sisto
Oliver Tobias
John Barrowman
Robin Soans
Sam Douglas
Hannah Yelland
Peter Banks
Carmen Du Sautoy as Mona

Produced by

Guy J. Louthan.....Pierre Spengler.....Brad Wyman.....Alan Abrahams.....Andrew Stevens

Executive Producer: Donald Kushner

Executive Producers: Vlad Paunescu & Bruno Hoefler

Directed by: Duncan Roy
Award-winning director of AkA

Duncan Roy & Carmen Du Sautoy

Elizabeth Hurley & Carmen Du Sautoy